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image of a new interioroffice door installed in a local Richboro business

We installed a new office door for Jake’s Eatery of Richboro. Even went above and beyond to paint the door for him. There’s nothing better than a happy customer.

Your doors are the major access points to your home and business. Maintaining their quality and good condition helps you achieve a reliable measure of security. As a front-line defense against burglars, your doors must be as secure as possible to provide you with a basic level of protection. SKH Locksmiths & Security specializes in residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services, including door and frame replacement and repair. While we feature a walk-in location in Hatboro, PA, we also offer mobile service to customers throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Philadelphia, PA. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your door’s protection or need full door replacement, contact us for the professional service you need.

Home & Business Door Installation

SKH Locksmiths & Security can install all types of interior and exterior doors, including front doors, screen doors, storm doors, patio doors, sliding doors, and commercial doors. When you contact us for service, we can help you select a door to suit your location’s aesthetic and security needs. Today, there is a wide array of exterior doors to choose from. Even today’s security doors are designed to enhance the curb appeal of your setting. Some security doors feature a steel core but feature the look of hardwood on their exterior. We can help you select steel, aluminum, wood, composite, or glass doors to suit your needs.

Are you looking for special door features? We have more than 35 years of experience installing doors for our commercial and residential customers and helping customers select the ideal barriers for their homes and businesses. We can provide single, double, and full door replacement services.

Types of Door Installations We Offer

Before installing your new door, we’ll discuss some different installation types. Many people opt for flush mounting because it’s easy enough for a do-it-yourselfer to tackle, but this type of mounting isn’t as secure as other types of installations. For instance, frame mounting offers a more robust level of security. To provide this type of installation, we’ll build a metal frame to use for mounting your door. Though more labor-intensive, this is a popular option, especially in urban areas of the country like Philadelphia. From vestibule installation to door jamb replacement, our services are always designed to be as cost-effective as possible.

Door Repair in Hatboro, PA and Beyond

Double doors at Newtown Office Complex that we repaired

One of the double door entrances to the Newtown Office Complex that is used so much the doors were falling off their hinges and would not lock properly. Nothing a couple of expertly installed full-length hinges and some TLC couldn’t fix. We even went above and beyond to rip and notch out the brick molding for a seamless finish.

In addition, SKH Locksmiths & Security also features door repair services. If you’re having a problem with your door hardware or you suspect there might be a problem with the door frame, contact us to make an inspection. After evaluating the issue, we can supply the ideal fix. If you need emergency service because your door has been kicked in or is suffering some other type of damage, contact us for service. We feature 24/7 emergency service for our customers.

Door Frame Installation and Repair

Many people make the mistake of investing in a high-security door but fail to assess the condition of their door frame. A door is invariably only as strong as its frame. An intruder can easily knock down a strong security door if the frame holding it in place is weak. We can replace your door frame if it’s in poor condition. We can also build a metal frame to create a more secure mounting for your doors. Door frames can suffer numerous problems—moisture issues and pest infestations (termites or carpenter ants) for instance. Call us to inspect your door frame and suggest the ideal repairs or replacement.

Fire Door Inspection Services Now Available

At our lock shop, we’re always learning and training. SKH Locksmiths & Security, LLC has a newly certified fire door inspector on our team. We can inspect and repair any fire doors. Do you have an inspection coming up? Let us know, we have prompt service to inspect and repair your doors today! You won’t have any worries with our extensive report showing in detail (with pictures of the issue) on each door you may have. We have great low rates on door inspections and repair. Call us today!

SKH Locksmiths & Security features licensed, insured, and experienced locksmiths. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in establishing long-term relationships with our customers. If you need a professional door and door frame installation or repair, you can rely on us for the best quality workmanship.

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