Key Duplication Services

We Can Cut Keys For Your Car, Home, Business, and Much More.

Whether you have taken the momentous step of asking a partner to move in with you, or you have simply lost your spare key and need a new one, there are many times when you might need to use a key duplication service. When this situation arises, it is important to work with a locksmith who is registered, certified, and insured. SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC provide a key copy service that you can rely on.

What to Expect From a Key Cutting Service?

Image of an automotive transponder head key being cut

Here you can see a Honda high-security key being cut. The electronic chip and remote buttons will be installed after the key is tested for proper function in the door locks and ignition.

A good key maker can duplicate house keys, office keys, desk keys, car keys, and even antique keys to a high standard. These keys are free from burrs and turn smoothly in the lock right from the first use. Some key duplication services can also make keys from scratch, which is extremely useful if you have lost all copies of a particular key. You can ask a skilled key maker to create a spare key that works to open a single lock, or to copy a skeleton key that will give you access to a wide range of locks.

Where to Get Keys Made If You Have Specialist Needs?

If you are looking for something more than a simple key duplication, it is more important than ever to select a suitably qualified professional to carry out the service for you. For example, you might need to create a new set of chip keys or transponder keys, which is a service that not all key cutters are able to offer. SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC can deal with all manner of digital keys in addition to traditional keys. Whether you need a new key fob, auto remote, or some other type of electronic key, you can rely on us to deliver the service you need.

SKH Locksmith and Security, LLC is Certified, Insured and Experienced

When you are looking for a reliable key cutting service, it is important to select a company that has a good reputation in your local area. When you choose a certified, insured, and registered locksmith, you know that you can trust them to preserve the security of your key, as well as to produce a new key that works reliably.

Keys Made Near Me in Hatboro, PA

If you are located anywhere in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, or Philadelphia, PA, you can take advantage of the superb key duplication services we offer. With more than 35 years of experience, this family-owned and operated business has a wide range of factory-authorized training certifications. That means that our team is qualified to work with many different types of doors and locks, producing keys that work reliably to grant you access to your home, office, or commercial property. We offer a mobile locksmith service all over this part of the state, so you can call on us whenever you need help gaining access to your home or business.

If you are wondering where to get keys made, get in touch with SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC today to order the keys you need. You can be sure that we will provide you with new keys quickly, so you can keep your property secure.


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