Lock Rekeying

We Can Rekey All Your Home and Commercial Locks

If you need reliable locksmith services, then look no further than SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC. We are a father and son team with over 36 years in the business. We have extensive knowledge and experience and hundreds of factory-authorized training certifications on a multitude of door hardware products. No matter what your locksmith need is, we can take care of it. We have a walk-in location in Hatboro, PA as well as mobile locksmith services we offer to residents living in the counties of Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware and the city of Philadelphia. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll happily come to you.

We Can Rekey Your Home Locks

image of lock cylinder, lock rekeying tools and a box of lock cylinder pins

Here you see a lock cylinder that’s been removed from the lock so it can be rekeyed, along with some tools and a box of lock cylinder pins.

Many homeowners make a request that we replace locks on their house. Most are not even aware that rekeying their locks is an option. If you’re having issues with your locks, you can depend on SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC to assess your locks to determine if lock rekeying is an option versus lock replacement. If your locks are in good working order, then rekeying house locks is a fast and efficient option that you should consider.

Reasons for Rekeying Locks

If your locks work, then there’s probably no real need to replace those locks. But, there are situations where your security might be compromised and you want to use new keys with your old locks. Such situations could include the following:

  • You have a tenant who’s vacated the property
  • You’ve lost your keys
  • Your keys have been stolen
  • There has been an unauthorized entry into your home

After such events, the security of your home or business has been compromised and you are vulnerable to outside threats. Instead of changing locks, you should opt for the efficient option of rekeying house locks and to rekey a deadbolt.

How We Rekey Locks

If you’re interested in a knob lock to rekey or you want to rekey the deadbolt, we can help. The pin and tumbler lock contains a steel cutaway that holds a cylindrical plug and springs and pins that allows a certain key shape to turn the lock. When we perform lock rekeying, we change the springs and pins within the lock so that they work with a new key. We can also make keys to fit the new locks whether they’ve been rekeyed or replaced.

Our Other Locksmith Services

The professionals at SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC can make a master key to fit several different locks. This is convenient if you have a business and need to access several different secure areas. We also offer apartment master key systems that allow one key to access each unit of an apartment complex. This is often needed for maintenance employees so they can easily gain access to several different units at one time. We work with all types of hardware including Schlage Primus, Kwikset, Yale, and Mul-T-lock.

When you callS KH Locksmiths and Security, LLC, you can trust that you’re getting the best services in the business. You can be confident that because we are insured, certified and registered locksmiths, you’ll receive quality service at a fair price. No matter if you need locksmith services for your home, business or automobile, we’ve got you covered. There is no locksmith issue we can’t handle. The next time you find yourself in a bind, give SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC a call.


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