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We ‘re Your Local Home Automation Experts

When it comes to home automation, our professional locksmiths have solutions to keep you, your family and your home secure. We can install and show you how to program an automated smart home system complete with surveillance cameras, smart thermostats and motion detectors. Your home automation system can:

  • Automatically lock and unlock doors
  • Set lights in the home on a timer
  • Set a timer for your sprinkler system
  • Automate motorized blinds
  • Control your home’s thermostat remotely

If you’re ready to take the security of your home to the next level, then it’s time to contact SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC.

Are Smart Locks Right For Me?

image of a smartphone-controlled smart lock

We can install a wide variety of smart locks for your home, including ones that you can control via your smartphone.

Eliminate the concern of forgetting your keys and locking yourself out or wondering if you’ve locked your doors when you leave. The professional locksmiths at SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC can quickly and easily install digital locks that will seamlessly integrate with your current home automation system and anything you might add in the future such as a home theater system, audio, lighting, and thermostats. For added security, we can even rekey your locks at the time of your smart lock installation. You’ll have the security of knowing you can remotely lock and unlock your door and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys.

Exterior Security Lighting Installation

Security lighting is not only energy-efficient, but it is an excellent deterrent for would-be burglars. Thieves are looking for homes that aren’t well lit because they want to go unnoticed. Keeping your property illuminated or having security lights that come on when motion is sensed, is a great way to add to the security of your home. For added security, you can even link your lighting with an alarm system. Once motion is detected, the alarm will sound and alert you that there is an intruder. You can be confident that the professionals at SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC can install the proper security lighting to make you feel safe and secure at night.

Provide Easy Access With Garage Door Openers

Burglars often try to enter a home through the garage because it gives them easy access. If you’ve ever driven away from your home and couldn’t remember if you’ve closed the garage doors, then you know that sinking feeling of knowing your home is vulnerable to thieves. Avoid this situation by installing a smart garage door openers. SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC can upgrade your existing garage door openers to work with your home’s automated system. You’ll then be able to control your garage doors right from your phone no matter where you are. The peace of mind you’ll get from knowing your garage doors can be closed remotely is worth adding smart garage door openers to your home’s automated system.

Our Reliable Local Locksmith & Security Services

When you call the father and son team at SKH Locksmiths and Security, LLC, you know you’re getting the best in the business. With over 36 years of experience, we bring to you advanced safety and security. We have earned hundreds of factory-authorized training certifications on a multitude of door hardware products. In addition to our walk-in location in Hatboro, PA, we also offer a convenient mobile service to residents of Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Philadelphia, PA. When you work with our certified, insured and registered locksmiths, you can rest assured you’re receiving top-notch services at fair prices. Give us a call today to discuss your home security needs.


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